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Killer Queen at Red Rocks Amphitheatre

Killer Queen at Red Rocks Amphitheatre

The only Queen tribute band to have played sold-out performances, Killer Queen, the tribute band, comes to Red Rocks Amphitheater on Tuesday, July 18th 2023. Get ready for some Queen that’s so good, you could kill for it! When one thinks of Queen, the stunning vocal harmonies and the intricacies that accompany them come to mind, Killer Queen has mastered the same notes and are fast becoming known for their sellout performances and renditions of those iconic Queen harmonies. Get your tickets here and get ready to stamp your feet, clap your hands and rock the Red Rocks!

Killer Queen is a tribute band from the United Kingdom that was founded in June 1993 by lead singer Patrick Myers. Their first public performance was at London University, where the original Queen had played their first gigs 21 years before. Killer Queen’s fame in the United Kingdom had increased to the point that they were performing at London’s Strand Theatre in 1995, earning national and BBC attention. They were the first tribute act to perform in London’s West End. The band had no link to the original Queen, but its official reputation has grown both in the UK and internationally. In 1999, after returning from a tour of Europe and Russia, they were named “Worldwide Best Tribute Band” at an awards’ event in Leicester Square.

Killer Queen is also the world’s longest-running and most-performed Queen tribute band. They are the only tribute band to have performed in the same stadiums and venues as the original artists, Queen. When one thinks of Queen, one thinks of magnificent vocal harmonies and the complexities that accompany them. Killer Queen is quickly becoming recognized for their sold-out shows and interpretations of legendary Queen harmonies.


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